Sprucing Up to Go Smaller

Our team of experts sign on to take this house from bad idea to brilliant sale.

Curb Appeal

Kaye Markell and Bob Watson are siblings who are looking to downsize after getting in over their heads with too much house. Armed with a $2,000 budget, designer Lisa LaPorta and the rest of the Designed to Sell team sign on to take this house from bad idea to brilliant sale.

Real estate expert Donna Freeman sees a mixture of good and bad in the home. Right away she takes issue with the living room, starting with the window treatments. Her focus then turns to the fireplace, which she feels fades into the background. Then, it's on to the bathroom, where outdated cabinetry and a grimy shower are immediate concerns.

Design expert Lisa LaPorta will help these two right their resale wrongs and help them get top dollar for their home. For easy drama, she wants to play up the fireplace with paint. Repositioning the furniture will further accent the fireplace and the nice outdoor view. A new vanity and fixtures, along with a new, mosaic-tile shower, will transform the bathroom into a huge selling point. Here's how she'll bring her plan to life:

Step 1: Stop playing hide and seek. Showcase the selling features so potential buyers can easily find the value.

Step 2: Use it or lose it. Take advantage of the square footage so buyers can see the home's size.

Step 3: Keep it simple. Neutralize the decor so it will appeal to the masses.

Carpenters Brooks Utley and Steve Hanneman are on board to get this makeover on the move.

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