Glass Houses From Design Star Challenge 7

This final Design Starchallenge, two identical glass rooms, was designed to showcase the abilities of our two remaining designers, David and Alice, to challenge them "think outside the box."

  • Rooted in a lively dynamic between sophistication and playfulness, this children's room demonstrates that Alice has real design instinct and knack for picking color.
  • Fundamental issues with this room include the placement of the beds (they face the busy public street instead of the expanse of Bryant Park).
  • Alice's colored glass bead stick-ons were an ideal choice that read from the inside and outside.
  • David decides to interpret the repetitive and clean-lined vertical structural components as a perfect backdrop for an Asian-inspired Zen bedroom.
  • David's use of translucent vellum to cover the glass wall allows light to filter into the space, and continuously extends to the sheers, which soften the room, creating another barrier from the public realm.
  • Split boxes that flank the glass walls are simple but thoughtful moves — creating the illusion of mirrored walls. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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