Uncluttered Chic in Small Spaces

Four small spaces have one thing in common: they feature uncluttered chic decor.

  • The Apartment came up with concept of installing the white shiny floors, which gave the space an undeniably unique quality and enforced the clean, minimalist look that Skurka loves.
  • The uniform white color and the doors that go to the top of the very low ceilings visually open up the space.
  • In a monochromatic space like this all-white room, it's good to add interesting texture and dimension, such as the slatted cabinet, to keep the space from being too bland.
  • Keeping souvenirs together in one spot makes them look like a collection rather than just clutter.
  • These carts also hold the television, pictures, books, magazines, maps, speakers, office supplies and a printer.
  • The desk is placed so that he can watch TV while working or swivel the monitor around and work from the couch.
  • The owner's favorite thing about his Chicago mini pad? "It heats up fast!"
  • He can also work on the dining room table, where he places his portable drafting table to formulate plans and tucks it away behind the guest bed when not in use.
  • Converting the coat closet into additional pantry space allows for more storage.
  • The natural light color and soothing accessories give the room a relaxing spa ambience.


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