Uncluttered Chic in Small Spaces

Four small spaces have one thing in common: they feature uncluttered chic decor.

Spatial Layering

Student Aloft
When Marc Couillais scouted for student housing, he chose this recently converted hotel room because it is located in Chicago's ritzy Gold Coast district. But being steps away from the beach and the 'magnificent mile' definitely came with a price—no space. Couillais admits he was both overwhelmed and thrilled by the challenge of fitting everything an architect student needs into only 270 square feet and still having room to sleep, eat, study, relax—and entertain. (Being from Detroit, with lots of friends, out-of-town guests were inevitable.)

Couillais's major move was to use a lofted double bed to split up the room. He calls it "spatial layering." Enclosing the portion of the room closest to the door made the ceilings appear to be taller—and the living space much larger because when you walk in you now see four separate spaces. It also created a cozy enclosed space under the loft, which Couillais outfitted with a desk and cabinet to serve as a study.


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