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How to Make a Matchbox Keepsake Box

Store notes, miniatures, mementos or trinkets in your matchbox keepsake box.

Meighan Mise of Asheville, N.C., returns to make a covered matchbox box.

Materials and Tools:

binder's board
4 empty matchboxes
decorative paper
1/8" wide ribbon
PVA glue
small foam roller
craft knife
metal straight edge
cutting mat

Figure B


1. Cut paper long enough to wrap the outsides of each of all four matchboxes. Apply PVA glue to the back of the paper and glue the covers onto the outside of the matchboxes. Let dry.

2. Place four matchboxes in a square alternating the direction so that end of each matchbox is placed along the side of the adjacent matchbox. Measure the size of the square that they make.

Figure D

3. Cut two square boards to these measurements plus 1/16 inch for each dimension.

4. Cut paper to wrap the boards, leaving a 5/8-inch turn in on all four sides. Remove the excess paper at the corners by cutting away the paper at an angle.

5. Glue the boards and paper, turning the excess paper on each side to the inside.

Figure F

6. Glue the matchboxes to one of the boards in a square configuration.

7. Glue the other board to the top of the square of boxes. Let dry.

8. Take the match trays out of the matchboxes and remove the matches.

Figure H

9. Using a small piece of ribbon, make a loop and glue the ends to the underside of the match tray, making a handle for the tiny drawer.

10. Measure the distance of the glued ribbon on the tray.

11. Mark this distance on the other three trays and glue the ribbons in the same fashion. Glue a small square of paper over the ends of the ribbon on the underside of each match tray.

12. When all pieces have dried thoroughly, put the drawers into the boxes.

13. Fill your matchbox keepsake box with notes, small books or mementos.

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