Tiny, Yet Trendy Places

To live in ideal urban locales, many people opt to make the move into tiny, yet trendy spaces. Small space living doesn't have to sacrifice comfort or style.

  • A mirrored wall visually doubles the space.
  • The result is a swanky bachelor pad created by an eclectic mix of textures, materials and colors of both classic and modern decor.
  • When looking at vintage furniture, keep in mind the shapes you like. The colors can always change with paint, decoupage or resurfacing.
  • Find out what walls in your space are not structural and consider knocking out that area to install niches for storage cabinetry or floor-to-ceiling shelves.
  • This is a funky twist on cool style.
  • A bare wall or retractable screen can provide the dimensions you desire in a limited space.
  • When not in use, the monitor tucks back into the corner area of the desk.
  • Another way to add interest and depth with paint is to add a chair rail and paint a darker color underneath it.
  • Colors also add interest when done in good measure.
  • The gauze is a really inexpensive way to diffuse the sunlight and make the space more intimate.


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