Tiny, Yet Trendy Places

To live in ideal urban locales, many people opt to make the move into tiny, yet trendy spaces. Small space living doesn't have to sacrifice comfort or style.

Cooking Up Color

Downtown Bohemia
Mark Montano loves to surround himself with items of visual interest and emotional impact. His 500-square-foot railroad apartment is filled with eclectic pieces. Most of the artwork was created for him or by him. Montano integrates the feeling of the Bohemian lifestyle into his design. Brightly colored walls and furniture pieces in each room evoke his Mexican heritage and add vibrancy to the space.

When Montano moved into this space, there was only a stove, a fridge and a bathtub. He had to wash the dishes in the tub. He removed the stove and the refrigerator and replaced them with a half fridge (which he painted), a microwave and a toaster oven. He also put up walls and curtains to create a bathroom around the tub and sink. He found and repainted various cabinets for all his kitchen storage needs.


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