Brilliant City Landscape

An urban backyard trapped in a time warp is updated for the 21st century.

After: Seating Nook

At a fraction of the price of natural stone, this paving is a great alternative for those on a tight budget. When choosing concrete bricks, pick something that looks natural, and avoid the orange-yellow colored bricks that don't weather well. The existing bluestone paving was lifted and reused by putting it on a solid base to offer instant style.

gardening accessories (copper column water fountain #32-OZCWWC) - Kinetic Fountains
gardening accessories and furniture (Florence copper urns, Tranquility curved benches) -
low voltage lighting (Malibu) - Intermatic
gardening accessories (Cambridge Renaissance circle in toffee and onyx shade, Holland bricks) - Bissett Nursery
fencing (Cedar Stockade) - Copperline Garden Center


    • Malibu lighting systems from Intermatic Incorporated
    • Fencing from Copperline Garden Center
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