Backyard Grown-Up Getaway

Host Matt James takes on the challenge of reclaiming this yard and creates a fantastic getaway using antique paving and reclaimed furniture.

Paving and Plantings

Granite slabs form two curved seating areas, bringing definition to the new backyard. Granite is a timeless, natural material that can instantly add a sense of history to a garden. However, it is very expensive, so the trick is to use it sparingly. Matt offsets the costs by outlining the pavers with inexpensive blue-gray gravel. It provides a lovely texture and color contrast to the granite but is also budget-friendly. (To keep the gravel from washing into the planting beds, Matt uses industrial-strength steel edging around the patio perimeter.)

The easiest way to create a harmonious link between the house and garden is by using complementary colors. Here the pink, purple and red planting scheme is taken from the existing house colors. A low-maintenance yew hedge provides an evergreen background for the colorful perennials and provides privacy from the neighbors.

Plant list:

  • Centranthus rubra
  • red yarrow (Achillea 'Paprika')
  • dianthus
  • roses
  • crape myrtle
  • hydrangea
  • kousa dogwood
  • Resources(Hide)

    • Fencing from Natural Beauty Fence Co.
    • Malibu lighting systems from Intermatic Incorporated
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