Designing With Color From Design Star Challenge 5

Color is one of design's most powerful tools, and the challenge for our remaining four contestants is to demonstrate their understanding of color and how to employ it most effectively in a studio apartment.

  • Consider the cool, pale-blue "Tiffany Box" that Alice chooses to employ, it works well in large quantity since it has a calming effect that is a nice contrast to the hustle of living in New York City.
  • Blues of this tonal value look fresh with white and go well with almost any wood tone.
  • In a city like New York where space is at a premium, and should be smartly put to use, a bistro table or reading chair would have been better alternatives than leaving the space by the bar empty.
  • Temple chose to universally employ a mid-tone yellow on all of her studio walls.
  • Balancing the walls with items that provided contrast would have also created some visual interest in the space.
  • Temple could have utilized her rugs to define her separate living areas by squaring them with the furniture on them, however, great space-saving solutions can be found in her studio apartment.
  • While Tym employs this strategy by selecting a different green for his bedspread, he mistakenly selects a jarringly bright, neon version that detracts from the soft, soothing green selected for the walls.
  • Here, Tim architecturally defines the bed area with some structure.
  • Adding some artwork to the walls, and additional accessories would have contributed to environment and warmed the room up.
  • By painting an accent wall red while keeping the rest of the wall neutral, David showcases his color perfectly.
  • David uses red glass accents perfectly to tie in the rest of the room.
  • Art can be a great way to create focal points to direct the eye and create layers in a room. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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