Designing With Color From Design Star Challenge 5

Color is one of design's most powerful tools, and the challenge for our remaining four contestants is to demonstrate their understanding of color and how to employ it most effectively in a studio apartment.

Attention to Undertones

Utilizing different tones of the same color in a space is a great way to keep the room unified while also adding interest and visual texture. While Tym employs this strategy with his studio by selecting a different green for his bedspread, he mistakenly selects a jarringly bright, neon version that detracts from the soft, soothing green selected for the walls. In the spectrum of green, there are hues that have more of a yellow undertone and those that have more of a blue undertone. Tym's selected wall color has a soft, yellow undertone, which makes it warm and comfortable—but his bedding employs harsher blue undertones that make it look like a mistake rather than interesting.

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