International Inspiration in Small Spaces

Think small can't be spectacular? Homeowners incorporate a world of influences to create an international level of elegance in their modestly sized spaces.

  • Inexpensive materials give this house its sophisticated look.
  • The eye sees this bathroom as a whole because the same tile is used on the floor and walls.
  • This homeowner converted his attic space into an art studio.
  • Open space above the living room helps keep the space from feeling cramped.
  • These homeowners used recycled lumber to add character to their home.
  • This home was designed with functionality and beauty in mind.
  • All of the furniture in the HELP house can be easily stored away.
  • When the HELP house has served its purpose, it can be moved somewhere else or be repurposed as a guest house or shed.
  • Leonardo designed his loft in all white, with splashes of color from neon lights throughout the space.
  • White walls keep the focus on Leonardo's artwork.


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