International Inspiration in Small Spaces

Think small can't be spectacular? Homeowners incorporate a world of influences to create an international level of elegance in their modestly sized spaces.

Folding Furnishings

Everything in the HELP house folds away and has more than one function. The couch folds out to become a double bed. It also houses two sizeable drawers below for storage. A single bunk bed drops down from the wall above the couch to sleep a third person. The fold-down table can be used as a kitchen counter, a dining table or a small desk. Fold up chairs can be used around the table or for extra seating in the living area.


    • Libby Langdon, Designer, Libby Langdon Interior Design Website:
    • Jacob Ward, Managing Editor, Readymade Magazine Website:
    • Leonardo Annecca
    • Carib Martin
      Architect, HELP Foundation
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    • Whitney Sander
      Realtor, Sander Architects
    • Catherine Holliss
      Realtor, Sander Architects
    • Marlon Gobel, Designer, Luxurykills
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