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Cozy, Colorful Living Room

See if our team of experts can spruce up one bachelor's place enough to get his girlfriend to move in.

Bachelor Jeff Weaver moved into his Craftsman-style home over a year ago, and now he's ready for some company. He'd like his girlfriend to move in with him, but first he has to spruce up the place.

The Dilemma

The living and dining areas share space in this home, and neither has any real color. Jeff's dining table is outdated and too casual. The living area has nice sofas, but the TV is the focus of the room, and all the related components are heaped into one corner. The room is dimly lit, with a ceiling fan as the main source of light.

The Solution

To unify the living and dining areas, the team will use two shades of a grayish-taupe hue. Simple rattan shades will make the most of the Craftsman detail around the windows and custom Craftsman-style wall sconces will provide warm light. A cocktail table and updated dining set will give the space a contemporary feel. The TV will get a new home that includes a sliding shelf for Jeff to move it out of the way when not in use. Here's how the plan comes together.

Kristan creates wall art with a few of Jeff's travel photos. She converts the images to black and white and then prints and frames them on sophisticated mats.

Design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf builds a custom cocktail table. He constructs the piece from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), adding hidden rollers underneath for versatility as well as a recessed cube that's perfect for stashing magazines and remotes. He creates the finish by giving the piece a white primer, followed by a raw-umber tone and topped with with a deep brown. He uses a clean paint roller to remove the excess topcoat for a smooth finish. Design coordinator Spencer Anderson buys a sleek dining set to complement the custom pieces in the new space. Matching rugs beneath both unify the areas.

The window trim gets a fresh coat of creamy white paint to update the look. Simple rattan shades fit inside the frame to show off the window's Craftsman style.

Kristan creates new wall sconces using acrylic, balsa wood and MDF. After making a basic frame from MDF, she uses the balsa to add detail. Each sconce gets a coat of black paint. She sands the acrylic panels to give them a frosted look and places a pillar candle in each.

Spencer builds a sleek bench that will house the TV and components as well as serve as an end table for the sofa. Sliding shelves allow the TV to be pulled out for optimal viewing, and an upholstered cushion provides extra seating for guests.

The team replaces the outdated ceiling fan with one that complements the Craftsman details in the space. Rich throw pillows give the sofas style, while a new mirror in the entryway invites guests into the home.

The Cost

Paint and supplies - $44

  • Benjamin Moore, Pale Oak, $18.97 per gallon - Lowe's
  • Benjamin Moore, Stone Hearth, $18.97 per gallon - Lowe's

Sconces - $25

TV bench - $150

Coffee table - $85

Table and chairs - $215

  • dining table, 07200082764, $199.99 - Kmart

Ceiling fan - $43
  • 15458, $39.97 - Lowe's

Shades - $138
  • 07200084147, $24.99 and $12.99 each - Kmart

Lighting - $92
  • table lamp, 0702989280769, $19.97 - Wal-Mart
  • pendant lamp, Orgel, 60021274, $10 - Ikea
  • floor lamp, Alang, 80029151 - Ikea

Art and Accessories - $197
  • frames, 003855549496, $5 - Wal-Mart
  • rug, Ristoft, 40066956, $29.99 - Ikea
  • mirror, 003535150, $29.99 - Marshalls

Pillow fabric - $8
  • 6582514, $ 3.96 per yard - Jo-Ann

Total - $997

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