A Contemporary Front Yard

A sloping front yard is transformed with terraces and a new modern courtyard.

Unappealing Entry

Kevin and Heidi Geier have a beautiful mid-century modern home. Its hillside location gives them a retreat from the city below, plus an amazing view. However, they are less then thrilled with their front yard. The couple hopes to have a space that matches the newly-remodeled interior and incredible view. On the side of the house is access to the backyard, but they would like a decorative fence or gate for a simple, clean look.


    • Steve Gerischer
      Landscape Designer
      Larkspur Design
      Phone: 323-257-3629
      E-mail: sglarkspur@aol.com
    • Glen Fretwell
      Landscape Designer
      Inside/Out Design
      Phone: 310-994-0338
      E-mail: Glenfret@aol.com
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