Lollipop-Inspired Backyard

A tired backyard evolves into a garden with a "wow" factor. With a combination of clever lighting, scented plants and towering trees, host Matt James completely transforms the space.

Designer Patio

The new space offers a place to sit and entertain in the shade. The garden feels much bigger by borrowing the scenery of the nearby greenway. The patio planting replicates similar colors, shapes and forms from the greenway so that both the garden and the outside space harmonize as one.

Although the new blue stone paving looks gorgeous, the downside is the cost in comparison to an imitation concrete paver. However in a small garden such as this, a little will go a long way and is worth the investment. Here it is laid in a random pattern because the slats on the fence, the decking and the shutters on the house are in straight lines. This randomness helps to offset the linear pattern.


    • Malibu lighting systems from Intermatic Incorporated
    • Terra cotta pots from Tuscan Imports
    • Shade umbrella from
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