Rock and Roll Hangout

A boring family basement becomes a musical haven for creative kids. The redesign inspires creativity for two boys and their sister who play music and create art.

  • The plain basement room is way out of tune with the Kreiders' rockin' lifestyle. The bland walls and abundance of musical equipment overpower this space.
  • Designer Drew determines that the four hard walls will be too echoey and will install sound-absorbing boxes on the ceiling and cork on the wall.
  • Bland and unused storage shelving will be taken out.
  • A wall of gold records tops the charts on this musical design.
  • Cork board cut in funky shapes serves as a backdrop to the instruments.
  • Hooks are useful storage for guitars, getting them off the floor and up on the wall in this small room.
  • The acoustic foam adds musical style while serving as a buffer between basement noise and the rest of the house.
  • A back view of the grandstand shows the available storage for Elena's arts and crafts.


    • Cork material from Staples
    • Drew Seskunas
      Designer, Club Pizza
    • Matt Cosgrove
      Carpenter, Cosgrove Carpentry
      We apologize no contact information is available.
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