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Project for Kids: Rock Star Art

A rock-and-roll kid craft easy to make and design, perfect for any rock star child. Your child's artwork will personalize his or her musical room.

Create artwork for the walls of your room complete with gold records, album art and band logo. Designer Drew Seskunas shows you how.

Materials and Tools:

1 can of gold spray paint
1 used record with album cover
2 picture frames at least 12.5" x 12.5"
1 drum head for a bass drum
white or brown craft paper
various colored pencils and paints


  1. Get an adult to help you spray paint the record album gold.

  2. Trace the center circle of the record onto craft paper and cut it out.

  3. Cover the album cover with craft paper, gluing carefully.

  4. Decorate the album cover, the center circle of the record and bass drum head with your band name, album name and personal design.

  5. Neatly glue your craft paper circle onto the center circle of the record.

  6. Place the record in one frame and the album cover in the second frame.

  7. Attach the bass drum head to the bass drum.

  8. Rock out.

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