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Silver and Copper Ring

Karen Chittick designs a ring from textured silver and copper.

Materials and Tools:

silver sheet
copper sheet
acetylene torch
safety glasses
firing stone
ball peen hammer
band saw
400-grit sandpaper
crock-pot with pickle solution
liver of sulfur patina


1. Cut a strip of silver to size using a band saw. Bend silver to form a ring.

2. Reticulate small pieces to place in the ring by heating them with a torch.

3. Solder the seam of the metal strip to secure the ring band.

4. Form the ring on a mandrel. Hammer the ring into shape on the ring mandrel.

5. Hammer texture into the ring band with a ball peen hammer.

6. Cut and file a small rectangular silver metal piece and a slightly smaller copper piece.

7. Stack the copper piece on top of the silver piece and place on the ring band.

8. Flux the small metal pieces and heat the solder to attach the decorative pieces to the band.

9. Clean the ring in a pickle pot.

10. Patina the ring with the liver of sulfur solution.

11. Polish the silver and copper ring with 400-grit sandpaper.

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