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French Country-Inspired Bedroom

Sarah Jerutis is a high school history teacher whose bedroom doesn't quite make the grade. Our team of experts sets out to change that.

History teacher Sarah Jerutis just purchased her first home and has enjoyed decorating it, but so far she's been lacking design inspiration for her bedroom. The Design on a Dime team sets out to transform Sarah's boring bedroom into a French country-inspired space where she can escape at the end of the school day.

Before: Neutral colors, boring bedding and plain blinds left the room lacking style.

The Dilemma
Sarah's bedroom has simple blinds on the windows, neutral walls and basic bedding. She enjoys watching TV in the room and would like a way to have it in the space without it being an eyesore. The closet doors lack interest, and the space needs moody lighting.

The Solution
The design team puts their heads together to design a French country look with a touch of feminine class. They'll dress up the closet doors with toile panels and bring in lighting sconces to warm up the mood. An armoire will provide a place to hide the TV, and custom shades will adorn the windows. Here's how the look comes together.

Figure A


1. First, the walls get a coat of buttery-yellow paint. Design coordinator Kelly Edwards designs a custom dressing mirror (figure A) from a piece of vintage ceiling tin. A vertical mirror is attached to a piece of plywood and then the whole thing is mounted to the back of the tin to create a frame, which is mounted to the wall.

Figure B

2. Design coordinator Ali Azhar stacks two small dressers atop one another to create a custom TV cabinet (figure B). The front of the top dresser is removed and the drawer fronts are mounted to a piece of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to create a "door" to conceal the TV set. The panel is attached to the cabinet with hinges and support chains.

Figure C

3. Interior designer Brice Cooper gets started on the panels for the closet doors (figure C). He cuts three panels from MDF and upholsters each with toile and batting. He first coats the MDF panels with spray adhesive, then wraps them in batting. He upholsters each with toile fabric in a white and chocolate-brown pattern, securing the fabric to the back of the panels with more spray adhesive.

Figure D

4. Kelly revamps a pair of wall sconces (figure D), replacing the original shades and giving the metal bases a fresh coat of creamy-white paint. She attaches them to a distressed vintage tin with plastic zip ties. New lamp kits for the sconces have handy switches that Sarah can reach from her bedside.

Figure E

5. Using the same fabric Brice used on the closet doors, Ali customizes three inexpensive roll-up shades for the windows (figure E). He first unrolls each shade and clamps it to a piece of MDF to keep it flat. He coats the surface of each shade with spray-on adhesive and attaches the fabric using a squeegee to work out any air bubbles. The excess fabric is carefully trimmed from the edge for a clean finish.

Figure F

6. Vintage-look side tables act as nightstands (figure F). A simple white coverlet for the bed is accented with throw pillows in a variety of colors. Artwork is created using one of the fabrics, showcasing the fabric panels in gilded frames above the bed.

The Cost

Paint and supplies - $110

  • Glidden interior latex color matched to Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream, $18.51 per gallon - The Home Depot
  • stain, dark walnut - The Home Depot

Closet and molding - $62

  • closet trim, 081999279349, $1.09 linear foot - The Home Depot
  • corner blocks, 009215059582, $2.89 each - The Home Depot
  • particle board, $17 per sheet - The Home Depot
  • toile fabric, $10 per yard - Textile Discount Outlet

Light sconces - $75

  • cord cover, 030721709005, $3.98 - The Home Depot
  • tin panels, $44 - Olde Good Things

Mirror - $75

  • mirror, 043044800076, $4.97 - The Home Depot
  • tin tiles - Olde Good Things - $50

Armoire - $165

  • dressers, $113.36 - Mt. Sinai Resale
  • hinge - The Home Depot
  • chain - The Home Depot
  • magnet latch - The Home Depot

Window shades - $65

  • roller shades, 070042126693, $6.97 each - The Home Depot
  • roller shade hardware, 070042128246, $0.96 - The Home Depot
  • spray adhesive, Super 77, 021200212109, $9.97 - The Home Depot

Bedding and pillows - $133

  • matelasse pillow shams, 012693155, $9.99 - Marshalls
  • blue pillow, 006464523, $12 - Marshalls
  • butter-colored pillow, 0012337112, $16.99 - Marshalls
  • sheet set, 02882820619, $35.09 - Marshalls
  • yellow pillow, 454508969 $24 - Anthropologie
  • brown pillow, 11598042 $24 - Anthropologie
  • matelasse coverlet, $29.99 - TJ Maxx

Headboard - $40

  • headboard - $27.25 - Brown Elephant Resale
  • headboard fabric, $5.99 per yard - JoAnn

Side tables and accessories - $274

  • side tables, 30073981, $19.99 - Ikea
  • gold frame, 67249902515, $19.99 - Kmart
  • gold frame, 67249901861, $3.99 - Kmart
  • alarm clock, Timex, 08327503652, $9.99 - Kmart
  • white Eiffel Tower, $3 - Salvation Army
  • gold Eiffel Tower, $0.25
  • sconce shelves, $6.99 - TJ Maxx
  • gold frame, $24.99 - TJ Maxx
  • toile box, $3 - TJ Maxx
  • yellow box, $10 - TJ Maxx

Total - $999


    • Dressers from Mt. Sinai Resale
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