Challenge 3: "Wild Card" Design

In Design Star Challenge 3, the contestants are challenged by demonstrating "outside-the-box" thinking by showcasing their creative talents and style by re-imagining nontraditional home decor items in inventive and new ways.

  • The tall work light employed is both bold and graphic.
  • The problem with this room primarily falls into the three arenas of space planning, editing and color use—areas.
  • Adding shiny metal plates to the front of the sofa arms creates visual weight and lends detail to an otherwise plain piece of upholstery.
  • Temple creates great automotive art by by vertically stacking license-plate holders on the wall.
  • Gluing boa feathers onto the edge of a lampshade is an example of re-imagining an item use.
  • Vanessa failed to transform the use of her beauty items in this room. She could have used grapic and abstract art on the walls utilizing diferent shades of lipstick.
  • The application of makeup to the walls to create texture and pattern is a good concept that falters here because the base paint color choice was already so saturated.
  • In this room, draping necklaces over the edge of a bookcase is non-interesting and confusing.
  • Utilizing an acid green that gives the walls a fresh edge, Alice sets a dramatic backdrop for the injection of cobalt blue camping bowls and dishes that pop with interest.
  • Pillows made out of sleeping bag and tent material add further texture and creative edge to the space.
  • A lack of color on adjoining walls create a sense that this room is incomplete.
  • Even the most expensive materials can look cheap when installed imperfectly, it's important to ensure the best installation techniques are employed.
  • David created a room that is balanced, well executed, warm and interesting.
  • David incorporates sculptures, fish bowls and a unique floor covering to make this room interesting and well-balanced.
  • In this room, animal dens are paired with furniture parts to create an innovative coffee table, a well-executed demi-lune console and some less successful wall decor.
  • Artistically cut dog-food bags add needed color and interest to the plain white walls. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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