Fantastic Small Spaces

The space may be small, but the style can make it fantastic.

If the Walls Could Talk

Find out how four homeowners make small-scale living possible through fantastic design. See a Parisian-styled lounge on wheels in California, Swedish design in Chicago, cool kitsch in Seattle and a live-work space in New York.

Mini Gallery
Andrew Wilder's design philosophy is to see what he can take out of a space and still maintain its artistic integrity. Owner of Chicago's Svenska Mobler gallery, he's a specialist in Argentine and Swedish functionalist furniture. Honoring vintage architecture while achieving a contemporary feel, Wilder chose bold colors, human-scaled furnishings and a few eclectic elements like striking red lacquered kitchen cabinets in his home.

Imperfect walls? Wilder found that using wallpaper with a small pattern hides bumps and blemishes and gives the illusion of a smooth wall. To increase the impression of space in the bathroom, a floor-to-ceiling curtain was created with an extension curtain hung above the shower curtain. He also hung a chandelier to schnazz it up and give it the ambiance of a tiny ballroom.


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