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Project for Kids: Personalized Pillows

Feeling like a sleepyhead? Learn how to make a cozy keepsake pillow of your own.

Materials and Tools:

1 small to moderate sized pillow
1 measuring tape
2 small paintbrushes
3-4 fabric paints
paper plates (to put paints on and have enough space for little hands)
newspapers/paper towels
water bowl
fabric - two types at least 2 yds each
1 piece of soft, solid fleecy fabric
1 piece of any kind of patterned fabric for the back of the pillow


  1. Lay out the newspapers on a table.
  2. Pick out the fabric you want to use for your pillow.
  3. Measure the pillow you would like to cover and then cut fabric pieces large enough to cover each side. Cut the pieces a little larger than the pillow to accommodate for the hem.
  4. Pour the colorful fabric paints onto the paper plates.
  5. Set aside a water bowl for cleaning your paintbrushes.
  6. Now for the messy, fun part. Select your favorite colors and put one of your hands in the paint, then place your hand on the cozy, soft material to leave your handprint. You can also make any kind of design or picture with little paintbrushes. It's your special pillow.
  7. When you're done with your designs, clean up your workspace and let the fabric dry flat overnight.
  8. The next day, take your two pieces of fabric and lay them back to back.
  9. Ask an adult to sew the sides together for you.
  10. Then simply turn it inside out, (so you can't see where the material was sewn together) and gently stuff your new pillow cover with the old pillow and you're all done.

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