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Solar-Powered Rock Light

Take a look at a stonelike solar-powered light that blends into the landscape.

Many solar-powered lights are meant to stand out and be seen, but this stonelike solar light (figure A) is designed to blend into the landscape. It's ideal for placing in areas where light is needed, without making the source of the light obvious to onlookers.

Master gardener Paul James has a 200-foot-long driveway at his house, and visitors are uncomfortable using side mirrors to solely guide them as they back out, especially at night. Unfortunately, cars have either been damaged by a brick wall on one side or have rutted out the yard on the other. So he decided to place several rock lights along the edge of the wall. They give off a soft amber glow (figure B) that provides just enough illumination to alert drivers to the wall's presence as they back up, avoiding potential crashes.

Because it's solar-powered, this faux-stone light doesn't have any wires or required installation, but be sure to place it in a sunny location. The LED light and batteries inside the rock last for at least a year, making these stylish lights nearly maintenance-free.

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