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Souk Chic

We've searched the stores and online bazaars (such markets are called souks in Morocco) to find you the most unique Moroccan accents.

This exotic chandelier is handmade from leather stretched over a metal frame. The leather is then colored and hand-painted with intricate henna designs (henna is a natural plant dye commonly used in Morocco to decorate many things, including the skin). From

A Moroccan classic, this brass and wood tray is a great combo of engraved motifs and masharabi wood carving on the stand. It not only looks fantastic, it’s functional: simply fold it up to put it away. From

Intricate motifs and patterns grace these 100% wool-on-wool Anatolia kilims. We think they’d look great on the floor or hanging on the wall. From

Light up your life with elaborate metal lanterns in Bedouin or Marrakech styles. The flickering light through the clear, colored or embellished glass paints quite a pretty picture. From

Here’s a classic Moroccan reclining couch hand-crafted of lacquered rattan on a sturdy metal frame. Throw on a silk throw or fancy pillow and you could be reclining in Tangiers. From Pier 1.

If you've ever been to Morocco, chances are you’ve seen these gorgeous Amira candles glowing seductively in the warm evening air. And now you want them in your own home. Not true candles, they're actually a thick box of colored wax with Arabic calligraphy. Illumination is provided by a tea light which sits inside the box on a small amount of sand (from the Sahara?). From

What could be more luxurious than a queen-sized spread made from vintage silk saris? Your bed will look extra luxe with one of these on it — or throw one over a couch or chaise. From Mosaik Moroccan Import.

Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood if you replace a standard front door with one of these gorgeous antique doors from Morocco. Don’t forget to get exact measurements if you’re going to actually use the item as a door. They also make a great decoration. From

Wow! If you really want to go Moorish, consider ordering a hand-chiseled tile fountain, a piece of true Moorish architecture history. These fountains are still used in palaces, hotels and riads in old Moroccan cities. From

If you haven’t eaten Moroccan food yet, get on down to your local eatery. Or order your own tagine to create that Moroccan flair. Tagines are available for cooking and, in more elaborate styles, just for serving. From

We bet you want to be the first on your block to have a mirror with inlaid camel bone. These one-of-a-kind mirrors vary in size, but all are great workmanship and pleasing designs. From

Tile is all the rage these days and tiles from Morocco are extra beautiful, whether used on a tabletop, around a fireplace, on a counter or backsplash, or on the more traditional floor or walls. You can order your own batch of delightful designs. From

Well, opium smoking went out decades ago, but the style of this bed is timeless, not to say unique. Available in a variety of styles from

Inspired by the bright woven fabrics of a Marrakesh bazaar, this one-of-a-kind red table runner features embroidered borders and beaded ends. Made of 100% rayon with 100% cotton backing, from Pier 1.

Haggle over a beautiful piece of merchandise in Morocco and you might just be asked to negotiate over a refreshing glass of mint tea. What civilized shopping! In fact, tea is a really important part of Moroccan hospitality, something we could use a bit more in our own homes. And what a way to drink tea: in beautifully decorated glasses from

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