Create the Ultimate Bedroom Escape

Does your bedroom put you to sleep? Literally, it should, but is should also exude tranquility. Dream big and follow our five simple steps to design the sanctuary of your dreams.

Go for the Gestalt

For example, when looking at a quarter moon, our minds finish the circle. Same thing applies when decorating. If you choose a curvilinear form for the bedroom furniture — say sexy, sinuous French — complete the "circle" with roundish motifs for the linen fabric and window treatments. Look! It's a pleasing whole! Designer Simon Temprell did just that in his vaguely French bedroom in shades of apricot and coffee. The soft curves of the headboard are repeated in the bench and chaise as well as in the flowing window treatments. Continue your marrying of like forms with like forms in the bedroom, and you'll create a wonderful, pleasing space.

Mark McCauley, ASID, is the author of Color Therapy at Home (Rockport Publishers) and Interior Design for Idiots (Great Quotations Publishing Company). He is senior designer at Darleen's Interiors in Naperville, Ill.

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