Create the Ultimate Bedroom Escape

Does your bedroom put you to sleep? Literally, it should, but is should also exude tranquility. Dream big and follow our five simple steps to design the sanctuary of your dreams.

Dream of Sweet Dreams

The home as refuge takes on even greater meaning when it comes to the bedroom, the ultimate escape for the world-weary. Once behind closed doors, the world goes poof! and troubles are laid to rest. That's if you've created a bedroom design that truly soothes your soul. Here, five steps for creating a setting for restful slumber.

Think about what makes you happiest, what colors or styles produce the greatest peace of mind. Dream big. What have you always, always, always wanted? This is your great chance to do something wild, something smashing, something totally off the wall. Identify that, and you can figure out what furnishings, arrangement and environment will deliver your perfect space. And the good thing about the bedroom is that it’s private — because you can close the door between it and your public spaces, it really is OK to go with the style you want, even if it doesn’t match the rest of the house. Of course, you can marry your bedroom style with the rest of the home, if that is your cup of tea. This relaxing bedroom, designed by Sue Adams, is part of a beautiful traditional home. Photograph by Sam Gray.

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