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Colorful Condo: Living/Dining Room Transformation

See how a dull beige space is transformed into a colorful, fun haven.

High-school sweethearts Lillian and Cesar Valera have recently gotten married and need help decorating their new condo. The floor plan is open, and they're at a loss for how to arrange their furniture. They love color, but have been too afraid to try it on their own. The Design on a Dime team steps in to give these newlyweds a comfortable and colorful space for less than $1,000.

Before: The space needed color and definition.

The Dilemma
The living and dining areas are in the same space, but lack definition. The blank walls need artful touches and a shot of color. The dining area needs a distinctive style of its own, and the large television is currently the focal point in the living area.

The Solution
First, the team will dress up the walls with art and color. New lighting and colorful accessories will brighten the space. They'll add drama to the dining area with table decor, and they'll create upscale style throughout with new window treatments. Here's how the team gets it done.

Pumpkin-hued walls give the space a cozy, yet vibrant look. New throw pillows inspire a colorful new palette and will tie in the sofa and loveseat with the rest of the look. Design coordinator Charles Burbridge creates a one-of-a-kind art piece by embellishing painted canvas with silk rose petals to create a 3-D floral design.

Design coordinator Summer Baltzer designs mirrors with built-in light fixtures that will give the room sparkle and the illusion of more space. A round hole is carefully cut from the center of an unfinished mirror to accommodate a wall-mounted sconce. The mirror then gets a frame that is painted to match the other wood in the space.

Host and interior designer Lee Snijders steps up the drama in the dining room with new table decor. Rich red draperies backed by light and airy sheers camouflage the basic blinds underneath and give the space an upscale look. The couple's existing light fixture gets a makeover with a playful embellishment.

Charles handcrafts tile coasters and adds unique votives to the cocktail table to create a cozy seating area where the couple can entertain or just relax.

The Cost

Paint and supplies - $65

  • paint, Benjamin Moore, Dark Mustard, 2161-30, $33.32 each - Mark's Paint

Pillows - $45

Wall art - $100

Mirrors - $200

  • sconces, $49.99 each - Lowe's
  • mirror, $100 - Daly Glass
  • epoxy, Envirotex, 33331070324, $22.99- Michaels

Window treatments - $196
  • drapery panels, Remix, 047218108159, $19.99 - Linens 'N Things

Area rug - $53
  • Dragir, 40086488, $49.99 - Ikea

Accessories - $33
  • candles, $5.99 each - Pier 1
  • tiles for coasters, white, .25 each - Lowe's
  • pillows, $19.99 each - Bed, Bath & Beyond

Chandelier makeover - $16
  • pendant, $9.99 - Bed, Bath & Beyond

Centerpiece - $42
  • mirrors, Malma, 90075741, $1.99 each - Ikea

Table dressing - $199

Plants - $45

Total - $997

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