Stylish Abodes

Style doesn't have to take up a lot of floor space. Learn how these urban dwellers use geometric innovations to fit more into less square footage.

Modern Cubism

At 5'5", Sarah Song is made for small spaces. When designing her New York studio apartment, she was adamant about not having to sleep, eat and work in one visual space. She needed a serious strategy to create enough room for her lifestyle. Her solution is a built-in furniture piece that comprises a home office, bedroom and closet; together they occupy different territory in the same 6x6-foot space.

This loft features an office space, which is the perfect height of 5'7" so Song can stand comfortably. A desk and four built-in shelves create a great working environment. The upstairs loft clears with enough room for Song to sit up in bed and not bump her head. This attention to detail should not be taken for granted. People often don't use the loft space they have because of low clearance. The cube also features a closet and a built-in ladder. Other space-saving options are ladders that roll forward from the wall at the base (so it's flush against a wall when not in use), fold away or slide away on a track.


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