Stylish Abodes

Style doesn't have to take up a lot of floor space. Learn how these urban dwellers use geometric innovations to fit more into less square footage.

A New Piece of Old

Creating a home is a surprising and rewarding adventure. Don Stone converted a 670-square-foot hotel room into a comfortable apartment that reflects the building's 1920s architectural aesthetic. Stone got the surprise of his life when he discovered an old wall safe hidden in the closet. It contained newspapers from the 1930s, an invite to a swanky dinner dance and a vintage bottle of champagne!

The closet doors Stone inherited with the apartment were a mismatched, 1950s-era style. He discovered a folding screen at an antique dealer and knew it would fit the width for the closet doors. The screen was too short, so he had a cabinetry carpenter create the upper panels to reach the full length of the doors. Now he has impressive closet doors that fit the style of the apartment.


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