Hollywood-Inspired Living Room

A new living room look remains comfortable for a Cancer, but it also has enough glitz for a spotlight-seeking Libra.

After: Sleek Living

The What's Your Sign? Design team decides to get rid of all of the original furniture and bring in a glamorous white couch. They choose accent pillows with crisp lines for Libra Erika, but make sure they're comfortable for Cancer Shieed. A white entertainment center with silver hardware is the perfect piece to mask the TV equipment, and the walls are toned down with a beautiful peacock blue.

white TV stand, white computer armoire, black dining room table - Gothic Cabinets
white slipcover couch
(EKTORP, 70027355, 80047602); tan weaved rug (LYNGBY); white and silver modern dining chairs (Gilbert); black coffee table (90056177 Kolsvik) - Ikea

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