Designing a Modern Media Room

A bland living area is transformed into a hip, modern media room for relaxing and entertaining.

  • Before: With no style or theme, this space was boring and uninviting.
  • After: Rich tones and vibrant colors create dimension and style.
  • Design coordinator Spencer Anderson designs a display case for Daniel's sports collectibles.
  • Design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf builds a cabinet to house Daniel's deejay equipment.
  • Shelving units are placed on the wall behind the large television to help balance the room and shift the focus away from the TV set.
  • Host and interior designer Kristan Cunningham revamps a set of four side tables by padding and upholstering them to create versatile table-ottomans.
  • Two new floor lamps provide low lighting for the space, and small accent tables and accessories tie the entire look together.
  • Rich brown draperies anchor the wall behind the sofa and block out light for movie time.
  • The sage-green sofa is accented with throw pillows in camel and brown as well as a vibrant orange rug underneath.


    • Rug from Ariana Trading Company
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