Historical Family Room

The right colors help preserve the historical style of a room while creating a kid-friendly space.

After: True Edwardian Style

The couple chooses a fresh green for the walls, which blends with the mother-of-pearl fireplace tiles and contrasts with the deep brown mantle and hardwood floors. The gray-toned green is characteristic of the Edwardian period. They pick chocolate brown for the new furniture fabric, a practical choice for a family that includes four young boys and a dog. The existing coffee table is cut in two, with extra legs added, and padded and upholstered in burgundy fabric, to make two ottomans. For the ceiling and walls above the wood trim, gold paint warms and brightens the room. The trim is painted white, as was the trend in the Edwardian era.

Did You Know? Many cultures associate green with luck. Yellow tones can increase children's ability to learn.

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