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Stately Urban Touches

Designer Jennifer DiStefano and landscape architect James Eckhoff help the Wardlaws transform their home from faded and frumpy to chic and stylish.

Michael and Denise Wardlaw live in a century old farmhouse in the middle of an urban landscape. They want to transform their home into something more elegant and stately, while keeping the house's historical flavor.

Highlights include a new cedar porch, hearty and colorful landscaping, iron railings and a new roof.



  • Replace roof with new asphalt shingles
  • Install new energy efficient windows
  • New cedar shingles on dormers
  • Strip and stain front door
  • New stained cedar flooring on porch
  • Paint house gray with white trim
  • New iron railings on front stairway
  • Add new hearty landscaping
  • New fence for backyard
  • Install a low slung retaining wall
  • Exterior canvas curtain for privacy on porch
  • Build planters for entryway
  • New light fixtures/mail slot/door hardware
  • New house numbers
  • Frosting the front door glass to add privacy


    • Windows from Simonton Windows
    • Roofing from Certainteed Roofing
    • Cedar porch and planters from Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
    • Architectural plans from Marnique Health
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