Bathroom Makeover: From Rickety to Contemporary

A cool couple enlists help breathing new life into their outdated bathroom.

  • Between the Harvest Gold toilet and sink and the missing tile, dilapidated cabinets and moldy bathtub, there's not much in this room that's worth holding onto.
  • Now it gleams with a contemporary stainless-steel toilet, sink, hardware and matching accessories.
  • The bright-purple area just outside the bathroom served as a makeshift vanity area, with a mirror propped up against the wall and no pullout stool.
  • A nice burgundy shade is a better complement to the neutral tones of the restroom next door.


    • Shower enclosures from Coastal Industries
    • Tile from Dal-Tile
    • Guitars from Gibson
    • Hardware from Liberty Hardware
    • Lighting from Light Gallery Princeton
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