Lush Family-Friendly Backyard

An unfinished backyard is completed with a rustic seating area and meandering paths.

  • These homeowners recently had a pool installed but now the rest of their landscape is suffering.
  • Stone pathways lead throughout the yard to this rustic seating area equipped with a fire pit.
  • The back of this home is in pretty bad shape and there is currently no privacy from the street.
  • New fencing gives the family a bit of privacy while a new deck creates a functional and stylish backyard entrance.


    • Erik Swanson
      Landscape Architect
      Corliss Landscaping & Irrigation
    • Jack Elicone
      Landscape Designer
      John R. Elicone & Associates Inc.
    • Dianne Reed
      Landscape Designer
      Grasshopper Tree & Landscaping, Inc.
      Phone: 508-785-8362
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