Backyard-Inspired Sunroom

A neutral beige sunroom gets an update when the colors of a summer barbeque are brought indoors. See the transformation that a little color can make.

Before: Neutral Sunroom

Jeff and Paddy bought their home because they love the sunroom's huge windows, vaulted ceiling and ample supply of natural light. However, they have the daunting task of updating the old-fashioned, beige decor. Ironically, it's the features they love that are making it so difficult to choose colors for the space: ever-shifting natural light makes choosing paint colors difficult; the vaulted ceiling makes the room difficult to paint; the stained wood window trim is faded in some spots; and selecting a finish for the mountains of unfinished wood trim is an intimidating task. The couple is hoping to find the right colors to bring a summery, backyard barbeque feeling into their room all year round.

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