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Spectacular Summer Porch

Our experts give a porch a bright summer look for less than $500.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Pepper Eggers brighten, freshen and refurnish a porch at a cost far below what you would think.

Wall Paint – $39
The makeover starts with painting the blue walls a sunny, golden yellow to brighten the space.

  • paint: Benjamin Moore – Marmalade

Floor Paint – $18
The floor of the porch is missing some paint and has a few bumps and pock marks. Electric sanders are used to smooth out the floor. Sanding will also help the paint adhere to the surface better. The new, rich brown color of the floor helps to ground the space against the high-impact wall color.

  • paint: Benjamin Moore – Tudor Brown

Storage Bench – $56
Two of the homeowners' old pieces of porch furniture are repurposed to create a unique storage bench. An old shelving unit is flipped on its side, and then a porch swing is fastened to the top of the shelving. To conceal the storage, a flip-down door is added to the front of the shelves. A cushion is made for the bench using the same striped fabric as the cubes and an old comforter for the stuffing. Using a comforter is an inexpensive alternative to batting. The cushion is stitched together with big orange buttons.

Padded Cubes – $54
A pair of wooden cubes is added to the room for additional seating. The cubes were found at a re-use-it center for $10 each. Bright striped fabric is wrapped around the cubes and fastened with hot glue. Holes are drilled through the center of the plywood tops so tufted buttons can be added later. The plywood tops are then covered in foam and bright orange fabric. The tufting is done with decorative brooches instead of a buttons for a touch of pizzazz.

  • brooches: JoAnn Fabrics

Window Treatments – $49
Shear white panels give the windows a crisp, summertime look. For a modern touch, the panels are hung from wire that has been suspended using eyehooks.

  • curtains: Ikea – Wilma 800.431.71

Light Fixture – $25
The bare-bones light fixtures get swapped out with a simple, contemporary globe light.

  • light fixture: Ikea

Closet – $74
A handpainted panel is transformed into a door for a mini-closet. A box frame is constructed for the sides of the closet. Shadow-box hinges are used to attach the panel to the box. The box is then hung on the wall and hooks are added inside so the homeowner will have a place to hang his hat.

  • wood hooks: Home Depot
  • artist: Dan Ellefson

Tablecloth and Rugs – $25
A tablecloth is sewn using the same fabrics as the cubes and bench cushions.

Two customized rugs are made from $8 beach mats. Leftover fabric from the other projects in the room is adhered to the edge of the mats with construction-grade glue.

Bench and Coffee Table – $33
The old bench and table are given new life with some fresh paint. The coffee table gets a couple of coats of bright green, while the bench is painted the same brown as the storage bench and floor.

  • paint: Benjamin Moore – Key Lime

Artwork – $5
Two shadow boxes found at a garage sale are transformed into vibrant, personalized artwork. To start, the old contents of shadow boxes are removed. The boxes are then painted the same green as the coffee table. For a personal touch, the homeowners' CD cases are glued into the shadowbox.

Glass Door – $6
Textured self-adhesive paper is adhered to the glass front door and windows for a little interest and a hint of privacy.

  • self-adhesive paper: Home Depot

Accessories – $116

  • wall vase: Arc Value Village

Total = $500

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