Traditional Elegant Living Room

The Double Take teams re-creates a $33,000 traditional living room for less than $2,500.

Brown Chairs

The dark wood and over-all shape make a great match. To get the upholstery to match, cushion covers are made with brown microsuede fabric. The cushions are stuffed with twin-size down comforters to make the chairs soft and fluffy.

A French provincial handpainted side chair that was purchased at an auction for $2,000 is positioned on the right side of the inspiration room. The chair provides a bright, feminine element to the room. The team creates their version for only $28. A chair in a similar size and style is purchased at a thrift store for $10. It is primed and painted. Michelle then uses acrylic paint to add the floral details. The seat is re-covered in a layer of muslin and a piece of yellow striped silk.

Tip: When adhering striped upholstery fabric to a chair or bench, make sure to start stapling the fabric in middle of each side. This way you won't start twisting fabric as you work your way around the seat. Stripes can be a little tricky, so make sure you keep your stripes straight from back to front so they don't end up being diagonal.


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