Coral Living Room

The Double Take team re-creates a $39,000 coral living room for less than $3,000.

  • Peter and Susan's furniture from their college days is beginning to look a bit worn.
  • Combining traditional elements with mid-century style, this room is reminiscent of a 1950s beachside sunroom.
  • Updated furnishings and a crisp color scheme turn Peter and Susan's living room into a beautiful and cozy room.
  • The chairs, pillows and table match the ones used in the inspiration room perfectly.
  • Pillows hand-painted by the homeowner give the room a personal touch.
  • A great coffee table is found at a consignment store.
  • Jamie creates unique side tables without spending a fortune.
  • Faux plant life is used to create these beautiful works of art.
  • A three-tiered chandelier is made using tape and brown acrylic paint.
  • This shell art looks just like the piece found in the inspiration room.
  • This crackle-finish pot is a great accessory in Peter and Susan's new living room.


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