Coral Living Room

The Double Take team re-creates a $39,000 coral living room for less than $3,000.

Side Tables

Flanking the couch in the designer room are two ivory-lacquered side tables with a unique cross-base detail. The pair costs almost $3,000. Jamie is able to replicate the tables for $100. He starts by purchasing pre-primed lumber from a home store. A router is used on two boards to create the seamless look on the X-shaped legs. Once the table is assembled, high-gloss paint is applied to achieve the polished look of lacquer.

Tip: It is only about 10 cents more per linear foot to buy lumber that already has a coat of primer on it. Buying pre-primed wood can save a lot of time and mess.

For all available product information, click on the After photo of the room.


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