'20s Hollywood Glam Bedroom

Dark woods, rich colors and geometric patterns complete this Hollywood-inspired look.

Before: Hollywood Nightmare

Husband and wife Geoff Mark and Wendy Wells wanted a luxurious master bedroom with a 1920s Hollywood glam feeling, so crafty Wendy designed her room with full force. She draped all four walls and added a jigsaw pattern of satin and heavy velour diamonds. When this made her glamorous dream bedroom feel more like a padded-cell nightmare, she called interior designer Frank Fontana for help. Frank and his design team help turn Wendy's Hollywood nightmare into Hollywood glam.

red pillar candles on mirrored wall mounts (64346003100) — Bed Bath & Beyond
window treatments
(2114 Royal, 14346 Fire); wall paint (20348 Gold, 20349 Latte, Chocolate Brown, Wild Flower Honey stain, 21753 Pewter, Opulence, Martha Stewart); color wash for furniture (Base: Macadamia, Top: Glaze Mocha, Burnt Sienna; Base: Translucent Cream, Top: Glaze Burnt Sienna) — The Great Indoors
theatrical curtains; square finials for window treatments; sconce
(Santir, 17778) — Ikea
batting for padded molding
(7066947); 24x24 pillow inserts (Decorator's Choice, 4661765) — Jo-Ann, ETC.
bedside lamps
(142931, stripe square); drawer pulls (133878, 133888) — Lowe's
pewter giraffe
(017053071); brown pillow (007529409) red/gold diamond pillows (006558064); pewter vases (01705204, 0175057211); mirrored wall mounts (017093080) — Marshalls
red taffeta for curtains — S & A Fabrics Inc.

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