Sunset Bedroom

The Double Take re-creates a lively, sophisticated $53,000 bedroom for less than $2,600.

  • The color palette in the designer room features a regal crimson and soft gold tone.
  • The Double Take team really nailed the luxurious effect of the color palette in the fabrics and furnishings.
  • The Double Take team found a sturdy sleigh bed at a hotel liquidation sale.
  • For the makeover room, a bedding set with a similar gray bulls-eye pattern was found for only $100.
  • For the left side table the Double Take team found this modern take on a traditional style from a discount furniture store. It is a near-perfect match to the original in color and hardware, and it cost only $250.
  • In the designer room is a hand-planed mahogany bureau that is worth over $10,000. Halili finds a dresser at a showroom liquidator for only $250.
  • On the bureau in the inspiration room is a set of hand-turned wooden obelisks that are finished in an antique silver gild. The pair is worth $3,200. The Double Take group uses some ingenuity and puts together various items to replicate the look for just $44.
  • Hanging in the designer room is a pair of original oil-on-canvas paintings that are valued at over $10,000. To duplicate the look, Jamie takes his camera into the woods.


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