Elegant Country Dining Room

Can the right colors turn this beige country room into a warm, intimate dining room? A dietician and her husband turn to food for color inspiration.

After: Delicious Colors

The couple choose a golden raisin color for the walls, which needs a deep base prime coat first. Then host Jane Lockhart adds an elegant touch with shiny vertical stripes on the walls, accomplished by using three different widths of painter's tape spaced randomly around the walls in vertical stripes and then applying glossy urethane in between the tape. (Note that the tape must be removed before the urethane dries, or it will glue the tape to the walls.)

Next, the homeowners select the deep, moody brown of brazil nuts for the drapes, which are made of rich silk with bluish green bottom panels to pull in the armoire color. For the ceiling, they pick pasta yellow, which is adjacent to the raisin and brazil nut colors on the color wheel, so it continues the warm color scheme. Because the green armoire is the one cool, dominant feature in the room, other cool-color accessories placed around the room bring balance to the otherwise warm space.

Did You Know? Orange rooms can help aid digestion. Yellow tones encourage self-esteem.

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