Modern Yet Retro Living Room

Karen McAloon helps coordinate the homeowners' old stuff and hand-me-downs into a stylishly modern living room.

Before: Hand-Me-Down Haven

An eclectic blend of hand-me-downs and found items dominates homeowners' Susan Donaldson and Scheffer Ely's living room. There is a style sense here; it's just not showcased. The room could use a place to sit with guests, too. What the room lacks in seating, it more than makes up for in ottomans.

Somehow Susan and Scheffer have managed to acquire interesting, but not very useful, pieces from relatives. The homeowners are afraid this trend will continue and they'll lose their living room to myopic collections. Host Karen McAloon instills some unconventional design elements to create a retro/modern living room that's both fashionable and functional.

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