Dull and Lifeless Vegas Backyard Converted Into Desert Oasis

A lifeless backyard and pool is updated with curved pathways and lots of palm trees.

Dull and Lifeless

When Don Jones and Christopher Gannon wanted to find a new place to live, they hit the road in an RV. Their search turned into a three year vacation which finally ended when they decided to settle down in Las Vegas, Nev. The pair loves their hospitable home just five minutes away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. However, their yard is a dry lifeless wasteland that they dream of turning into a lush desert oasis where they can entertain.

Christopher and Don purposely sited their house to create three different sections in their yard. A spa is at one end and a transition area leads to the pool on the side of their house. Artificial turf and a pergola frame the area for the spa, but could use some improvement. In addition, they want to extend the porch for more entertaining space.

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