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Create a Fun and Whimsical Backyard With Artistic Elements

Native plants are combined with unique spirals and a new patio to match these creative homeowners' style.

Anne and Daniel Grandy have a backyard that is rarely used and dominated by crab grass. They designed their front yard and most of the home, but are lost when it comes to their backyard. They love the textures and rich colors incorporated in the front yard and are hoping to bring the same aspects into the back. Landscape designer Jeni Webber creates a fun and whimsical space with artistic elements, including a mixed media patio, oversized Adirondack chair and tree swing.

After: Whimsical Style

Jeni creates a playful discovery garden inspired by the homeowners' love of Dr. Seuss. A child-safe pond made out of a round metal feeding trough is a unique focal point and a cool plant holder. The pond along with the newly planted sustainable garden attracts bird and butterflies year round.

Before: Crab Grass Overload

The large yard is full of crab grass but not much else. They'd like to incorporate the bricks and stones they've collected over the past few years as well as add some cool wood elements. The space needs to be more useable for the family to relax and entertain.

After: Creative Spirals

They removed the lawn and replaced the space with cedar mulch and native plants that are more diverse and don't require as much watering. Bricks from a 200-year-old fireplace are used to create spirals around the yard, and a one-of-a-kind oversized Adirondack chair adds a fun feel to the space. Bamboo along the fence creates interest and doubles as a privacy screen.

Mixed Media Patio

A mixed media patio made out of recycled and natural materials completes the spiral. To add color to the patio, the crew lays ocean stone and broken tiles between the flagstones. Now the family has a place to hang out and barbeque. Crushed gravel pathways lead to the unique destinations of the yard.


    • Ian McCartt, General Contractor
      McCartt Construction
      Phone: 925-858-4469
    • Jeni Webber
      Landscape Designer
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