Springtime in Paris

Host Joan Steffend and designer Cy Winship turn a minimalist loft into springtime in Paris.

Museum Banner

The image is transferred onto the fabric using a projector. The reflection on the bright-pink fabric is then filled in with markers. The floor-to-ceiling banner is tres magnifique!
  • fabric: SR Harris Fabric Outlet

Dining Table and Window Shades
New window shades are crafted from boat fiberglass. A black lace box-shaped tablecloth with peek-a-boo zippers is reminiscent of saucy French lingerie. Sheer, white organza slipcovers go over the dining chairs to complete the sexy couture look.

  • fiberglass for window shades: Express Composites
  • black lace fabric: SR Harris Fabric Outlet
  • white organza: JoAnn Fabrics

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