Southwestern Sanctuary

An uninspiring landscape is transformed with a stunning design that takes advantage of the breathtaking views.

Stunning Guest Entrance

Clemens moves the guest parking to the opposite side of the yard to create a less confusing entry for guests. At the edge of the courtyard is a gentle, bubbling rock fountain and surrounding evergreens to invite the pair and their guests into the yard. Rock gravel stands in for mulch and plays off the walkway for a natural feel. Ash and hawthorne trees, a clematis vine and some blue salvia are perfect plantings to complete the southwestern sanctuary.

clay pots, clay dove planter - Jackalope, Inc.


    • Solange Serquis
      Landscape Designer
      Patios de Santa Fe
      Phone: 505-986-1561
    • Bill Hutchinson
      Landscape Architect
      The Green Edge
      Phone: 505-982-8257
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