Spa Garden

An angular, narrow space gets a new look that takes advantage of the homeowners' spectacular view.

  • When Guy and Judy look out their windows, all they see is a lot of rocks and dirt as well as an unused hot tub.
  • Wide flagstone pathways add curves to the space and lead to the unique areas created throughout the couple's newly landscaped yard.
  • The couple wants to make changes to the yard so there isn't as much wasted space.
  • The crew builds a berm in the middle of the yard that acts as a natural barrier.
  • The spa is transformed into a beautiful and welcoming space in the couple's yard.
  • Fragrant roses add interest to the fence and new trellises.


    • Ray Fortner
      Landscape Contractor
      R & J Landscape
      Phone: 925-455-1360
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